What are the Best Countries for Property Investment?

International real estate can be an excellent addition to your investment portfolio. It can generate income for you now until it becomes your home after retirement.
Offshore Property Investment

Offshore Property InvestmentInternational real estate can be an excellent addition to your investment portfolio. It can generate income for you now, and later it becomes your permanent home after retirement. You may even be interested in commercial real estate that could provide revenue now and continue to do so after you decide to retire.

As with any real estate acquisition, location is a prime factor to consider. If you had to decide today, would you have an idea of which nations would be perfect for your real estate investment? If not, consider the following suggestions. These countries consistently rank high in most lists of the best places for investing in commercial or residential properties.


There are excellent reasons why investing in Mexican real estate makes sense. The fact that it’s remained a popular tourist destination means that people tend to flock there consistently. When they arrive for a long weekend or an extended stay, they want places to live. The property you own could serve as the ideal place to stay for as long as the trip lasts.

In terms of your retirement, Mexico offers comfortable living in several areas. You can opt for a larger city or go to a more rural location. You may not realize that the cost of living for US and Canadian expats is quite affordable. If you purchase a residential property now and lease it until you retire, the property will likely be paid in full. That makes it all the easier for you to retire and live more comfortably on your pensions and other retirement income.


With options for residential and commercial properties, Panama is worthy of consideration. Apartments are one of the more attractive options for places to live. They also work well to purchase now and rent them out until you’re ready to call them home. The cost is attractive compared to several other nations. The fact that the cost of living, the tax structure, and the financing options are excellent for international investors makes things even better.

On the commercial side, consider properties developed for agricultural purposes, such as growing or a facility that prepares produce for the market. With either application, you have a good chance of securing an asset that will provide a steady income for the rest of your life.


Belize has a lot going for it in terms of real estate. Many beautiful places include apartments, condos, and houses. The cost in more desirable areas may be a little higher than in other countries on this list. However, the expense is still likely to be less than what you would pay in your home country. This is true even if you opt for popular areas like Ambergris Caye.

There are also commercial properties to consider. It would be easy enough to purchase property that would be ideal for a tourist-related business. You may even find a jewel of a property with business space on the main floor and living space above.

The Belizean dollar tends to remain stable with the US dollar, providing an attractive rate of exchange. English is widely spoken, and the lack of a language barrier makes it easy to do business is a big plus. With a large expat community, it won’t take long to feel at home in Belize.

Costa Rica

Known for a relaxed way of life, Costa Rica is already home to many expats. The weather can get a little warm, but mornings and evenings tend to be cool much of the year. The fact that flights to the US and Canada are plentiful and relatively short also makes the country a great tourist destination.

In terms of property ownership, you can find plenty of options for residential and commercial purposes. From shops in cities to rural areas that can be developed for agriculture, you can find something perfect for your plans.

Financing is not likely to be an issue since it can be obtained within the country or from one of the other nations in Central or South America. The terms are typically affordable, and it won’t be difficult for most to pay for their properties in relatively little time. You will then have a place to call home or an asset that generates a steady income.


Brazil is another nation that is worthy of consideration. Properties that you may be able to secure here include urban and rural options. You can also look at beachfront property if the primary plan is to create a revenue stream related to tourism. You may be surprised at how affordable beachfront or beach adjacent properties are when compared to elsewhere.

If the plan is to buy something that will eventually be your home, look into apartments, condos, or homes that can be easily maintained in your golden years. Arranging for an agent to lease and manage the property on your behalf will not be difficult.

While the tax structure may not be as favorable as some of the other nations on this list, you’re still likely to find it manageable.

Dominican Republic

This is a nation that receives quite a bit of business travel. Suppose you like the idea of entering the hospitality business. In that case, you can bet that a hotel or similar facility located near a major population center will see a steady flow of clients. Pair that with tourists who want excellent accommodations while they visit for a week or more, and you have a property to generate regular income.

On the residential front, finding a place that can be rented even on a modest budget will not be difficult. It’s not out of the question for a US citizen who chooses to retire to the Dominican Republic to be able to live modestly but comfortably on as little as USD 1,000 a month.

Residential properties are affordable in many areas of the country. Buying now would allow you to take advantage of a buyer’s market and have a property anticipated to appreciate in the years to come.

Considerations for Investing in Offshore Property

Remember that many factors go into choosing the best nation for offshore property investment. Be sure to consider factors such as the economy, political stability, banking laws, the ability of non-residents to own real estate, and the potential for future market value. With the right choices, you can increase your wealth and look forward to a better financial future.

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