What Can International Investing Do For Your Retirement?

If you're planning or preparing for retirement, international investing may be able to offer you higher returns and profits, turn your hobbies into assets, set aside assets for your loved ones and geographically diversify your portfolio.
Retirement Planning Concept

Retirement Planning ConceptRetirement tends to bring out two strong feelings in people: Excitement and dread. While it might be exciting to think about the options that retirement can bring, which might include time to pursue hobbies, travel the world or visit family, retirement can also create a lot of financial worry.

Through international investment, you can be better prepared for retirement and truly look forward to this new and exciting stage of life.

Diversify Your Assets From a Geographic Standpoint

Very few people, when creating a diverse portfolio filled with assets, would choose to invest exclusively in a single company, or even a single industry. Doing so would only make you vulnerable to major changes that could wipe out the value of your holdings at once. Although that may be common knowledge, some investors still focus exclusively on the markets of a single country.

Traditional stocks, bonds and even cash from a single country, currency and banking system could be creating unnecessary vulnerabilities. Mitigate risk in a substantial way by going into retirement with a portfolio that is diversified and contains investments from numerous countries.

Set Aside Specific Assets for Loved Ones

As you get closer to retirement, it makes sense to ensure that you have the funds to live a comfortable life for several decades. However, retirement may also be the time when you want to begin setting aside assets for loved ones.

International investments can be placed into trusts, life insurance wrappers or placed in wills so that loved ones can have everything they need in life. This might mean choosing a family vacation home in Belize to go to your children, buying stocks that will go to a grandchild when they are ready for college or ensuring that your portfolio will be diverse and stable for your spouse years from now.

Turn Hobbies Into Assets

A unique opportunity that international investments can bring is the chance to turn hobbies into assets. Through some international investment vehicles, you can take capital and place it into a retirement fund that is either tax-free or lower in tax.

While capital might be one option, a more appealing choice could be expanding your collection of antique cars, valuable jewelry or even art. While you’ll enjoy the inherent value of admiring these items, and you’ll have an exciting hobby to pursue during retirement, their worth will still work for you as a way to preserve assets as you begin retirement.

Great Higher Returns on Investments Overseas

For some individuals nearing retirement, the primary goal is to have enough in savings to live comfortably and never need to rely on loved ones for things like medical bills. For others who have already reached a certain level of financial success, the goal may be to bring in as much profit as possible that can be passed on to family or charitable organizations.

By choosing to consider international investments rather than exclusively domestic ones, you can access options that provide a much higher return on investment, or ROI.

Anyone in or nearing retirement can benefit in a number of ways from choosing to include international investment in their financial strategy for retirement.

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