What You Should Know About Financing in Latin America

Before choosing financing in Latin America, you should know that lending restrictions are looser in the region, there are multiple types of financing available, borrowers can select from several currency types and the costs of financing might be cheaper than you expect.
International Financing Offshore

International Financing OffshoreSecuring financing can feel like a serious challenge, particularly in the years since 2008 and the economic banking crisis felt around the world. As an increasing number of people struggle to get the loans they need for personal as well as business reasons, they are turning to alternative options like financing in Latin America. At first glance, financing in Latin America seems like a dream come true.

However, be sure to dig a little deeper before making the decision to take out a loan from a Latin American financial institution.

Lending Requirements Are Looser Than in the USA

First, and perhaps most importantly, it is vital to understand that the rumors are true: It is indeed easier to secure financing in Latin America than in the United States.

In North America, qualifying for virtually any kind of loan requires you to have near-perfect credit, valuable collateral and an impressive income as well as employment history.

If you’re missing any of these puzzle pieces, you could be denied financing or given terms that are a far cry from what you truly deserve.

Costs of Financing May be Less Than You Expect

Another key piece of information to keep in mind about financing in Latin America is that the associated costs are often far lower than people expect.

Since the lending restrictions are looser, many borrowers assume they will pay high monthly fees or large application fees. In reality, however, the opposite may be true.

Since the overall cost of living is lower in Latin America, most banks can enjoy lower operating costs. When passed on to the bank’s customers and borrowers, that means affordable fees that can save you money month after month.

Latin American Loans Are Available in Your Choice of Currency

As you begin learning more about financing options around the world, pay attention to the types of currencies that are offered. In the United States, Canada and many European countries, loans are only available in the single domestic form of currency. While that might be fine for some borrowers, it can cause trouble for others.

Many Latin American banks offer financing in a range of currency types, each of which is accompanied by a specific set of terms and interest rates. If you’re buying offshore property, paying bills in a specific international form of currency or you’re using the money to fund a business expansion overseas, then having access to multiple currency types can be a way to save money by avoiding currency conversions.

There are Many Types of Latin American Financing Available

Many prospective borrowers are under the impression that Latin American financing is limited in nature. The truth is that there are a wide variety of financing options in Latin America that you can choose from.

Personal loans are a great choice for those who want to handle unexpected expenses, medical costs or college tuition. Also available are overdraft facilities, real estate loans to buy or build new construction and commercial loans for large and small businesses alike.

Armed with plenty of information regarding financing in Latin America, you will be prepared to choose, apply for and enjoy the best loans for either your personal or business needs.



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