Offshore Asset Management: Is It For You?

Offshore asset management might be right for you if you aren't confident about your country's banking system, if you're worried about inflation, if you have limited time, if you don't have tax expertise and if you're not a professional offshore investor.
Financial Portfolio

Financial Portfolio For many people, managing assets is a big responsibility and something that brings about stress rather than enjoyment. If you thought that working hard to earn the assets was tough, it can be disappointing to realize how much work goes into protecting and preserving them for the years to come. Thankfully, it is possible to secure offshore asset management, which can relieve you of your financial duties and free up time in your schedule.

Determine whether offshore asset management is right for you by answering each of the following questions.

Are You an Expert in Offshore Investing?

Most people, even if they have some kind of financial training, education or work experience, won’t be experts in the world of offshore investing. If you’re not an expert, then you could be missing out on great opportunities to grow your wealth.

By turning to an offshore investment professional to manage your assets, you can asses your risk level and take part in some of the most profitable ventures on the planet.

Best of all, knowing that your assets are being managed by an expert means you can worry a lot less and enjoy peace of mind about your own financial status as well as that of your dependents and loved ones.

Are You Familiar with Tax Regulations Around the World?

One of the biggest reasons that individuals shy away from offshore investing is because they aren’t confident about the tax regulations, laws and loopholes.

Although there is a lot of information out there about how offshore investing can significantly reduce your taxes, those claims are not the same across the board. Some jurisdictions, such as Belize, offer zero percent capital gains tax rates for foreign investors, but others are not as friendly to foreign investors.

If you aren’t an expert in international tax codes, it might be best to let a professional manage your offshore assets. This ensures that you save as much money as possible while following any legal obligations regarding taxation.

Do You Have Unlimited Time to Handle Your Finances?

If you want to secure your assets, nurture their growth and unleash the potential of your capital, you can’t let things sit for months or years at a time. Proper asset management means checking markets regularly and taking action often in order to allocate resources where it will be best.

If you don’t have time in your schedule to handle that, or if you would rather spend your days relaxing, pursuing hobbies or enjoying the company of friends and family, then offshore asset management is a smart choice worth considering.

Are You Confident About Your Government, Banking System and the Global Economy?

A major reason to begin moving assets offshore is to diversify a portfolio and mitigate risk. In the event of a banking system collapse in one country or the rapid inflation of a type of currency in another, having diversified offshore assets means you will still be financially stable.

If you answered no to one or more of the questions above, then it might be time to consider offshore asset management as an alternative to the DIY financial approach. We’re ready to help you with solid investing advice. 

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