Enjoy Peace of Mind With an Offshore Trust

An offshore trust can help you set aside money for loved ones, reduce your tax liability, limit asset risk and even give you peace of mind.
Planning Estate

Planning EstateAsset protection and preservation is a major priority for many individuals, regardless of net worth or age. Even if you are relatively careful to save money rather than spend throughout your lifetime, you make smart financial decisions and you take steps to provide security for your loved ones in the future, there is still some volatility and risk that could be keeping you up at night.

To mitigate risk, geographic diversification is key. Even better is establishing an offshore trust that works for you to protect and preserve assets for the things that are most important in your life.

Limit Asset Risk From Legal Freezes or Seizure

Limiting the risk of having assets taken from you might not be a huge priority, but those who are victim to this can have it negatively transform their lives. Unfortunately, the assets you have worked hard for over the course of your lifetime could be just one court case, legal action or bank freeze away from being gone for good.

While the FDIC does insure a certain amount, that doesn’t apply to government actions taken against individuals, like those who go through a divorce or a business investigation. Rather than hoping these events never happen to you, establishing a trust ensures that at least those assets contained within are protected.

Reduce Tax Liability

Over time, the taxes you pay both on capital gains and income earned can start to eat away at your portfolio, causing a kind of fiscal erosion. If your goal is to save as much as possible or to set aside assets for your loved ones, then that erosion might be seen as a negative. By placing your assets within a trust, they no longer belong to you like the assets held in your portfolio or bank account, which means that they can’t be taxed in the same way.

Set Aside Money For Important People and Events

The primary reason that many individuals choose to establish an offshore trust is so that they can set aside money for their loved ones. A trust can become a key component in estate planning, since it lets you earmark certain funds for specific dates or people.

You might place $100,000 in a trust to be given to a spouse upon your death, or you might earmark a collection of stocks and bonds for your grandchild to receive on his or her 21st birthday. You can set aside specific assets to people as well as to charitable organizations near and dear to your heart.

Appreciate the Financial Safety Net You’ve Woven For Your Future

While there are plenty of practical benefits to creating an offshore trust, the way that it might impact your life the most is by granting you peace of mind. Many people say that they worry less and even sleep better knowing that their loved ones, and their own financial security, is taken care of.

Creating an offshore trust in a jurisdiction like Belize can be a savvy way to protect and preserve your assets as well as care for the financial security of your family.

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