Top Offshore Investments to Provide for Your Family

Some of the top offshore investments to help provide for your family and leave a legacy include offshore trusts, diversified foreign currencies, precious metals, managed funds and international real estate.
Financial Planning Abroad

Financial Planning AbroadInvestors are driven by a number of reasons, just some of which might be education, retirement, security or increased wealth.

For many, managing financial holdings is about more than just providing for themselves, and it is a way to create a legacy, provide for loved ones and ensure that friends and family always have the monetary security they need throughout life.

If you are motivated by providing for your family, then explore these top offshore investments that can help you do just that.

Offshore or International Real Estate

The phrase “dirt rich and cash poor” is often repeated as a warning when investors want to take the plunge into the real estate world. However, as the population grows and even less developed areas are beginning to pique interest, real estate can be a savvy long-term move.

Real estate in the form of a vacation rental property or a commercial building could bring in income on a regular basis, and the equity of the property will likely grow over time, should your dependents or loved one ever need it in the future.

Offshore Managed Funds

Even if you don’t have a vast knowledge of overseas investing, you can take advantage of the security and the potential for lower taxes by investing in an offshore managed fund. This fund will be run by a manager who combines your monetary investment with the assets of other investors in order to diversify.

Your money can go towards a range of different investments around the world, hedging your bets and also letting you sit back and relax. 

Precious Metals

Gold, silver and platinum are the trifecta of precious metals, and they are a popular choice for investors who want to provide for their loved ones and perhaps even children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren in the future.

Since gold bars or coins aren’t tied to any one single currency, they could be a huge financial help wherever and whenever your dependents might need assistance decades from now. 

Diversified Foreign Currencies

As the world gets smaller and the Internet connects every corner of the map instantly, it is hard to imagine where our friends and family will live 10, 20 or 50 years from now. National borders could shift, currencies could change and people can move.

With that in mind, it may be wise for investors to diversify their cash holdings by buying up a variety of currencies. If one country or one banking system fails, or if inflation takes hold, there will still be other currencies available that have retained value for your family.

Offshore Trusts

If your primary aim is to set aside assets for a specific purpose, then an offshore trust might be ideal. You can choose assets like real estate, gold, stocks or cash to earmark for a child’s education or a grandchild at a certain date. As a bonus, these assets can’t be taxed once they are in the offshore trust.

Providing for your family today, tomorrow and into the unknown is a noble goal. Achieve your financial aims through one of these top offshore investment options.

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