Uncover the Best Offshore Investments for Retirement

Some of the best offshore investments for retirees include offshore trust, precious metals like gold or silver, offshore mutual managed funds and international real estate.
Investment Chart

Investment ChartIf you’re retired, or you are looking ahead to your retirement, then offshore investments are a wonderful option. They can diversify your holdings and leave you ess vulnerable, and they are a smart way to begin estate planning so that you can financially care for your dependents in the future.

Just like domestic investments, offshore investments provide a wide range of risk levels, so retirees may want to focus their portfolios on one of these popular investment types for retirees.

Offshore Managed Mutual Funds

For retirees who want a decidedly hands-off approach to investing, but who still want to minimize their risk, an offshore managed mutual fund could be the perfect solution. The mutual fund is a collection of pooled resources from a number of investors.

The pooled resources, or capital, are then invested in a range of utilities, stocks, real estate and businesses as a way to diversify the collective portfolio and spread out any risk.
The entire mutual fund is managed by a financial expert. Individual investors will appreciate that diversification is built into their investment as well as the fact that someone else handles the day-to-day worries and monitoring.

Gold or Silver

Precious metals like gold or silver are a popular offshore investment for retirees. Gold, for example, has maintained a high value for thousands of years. Since gold is in limited supply, and demand around the world continues to rise, it will likely hold or increase its value in the years ahead. Retirees will appreciate that gold’s value isn’t linked to any one nation’s currency.

Plus, gold can be stored offshore and earmarked for dependents or for your own personal use in the future, should that be necessary. Gold is available in large 10-ounce bars, single ounce bars and a variety of coins and nuggets in different sizes and values.

International Real Estate

Retirees who love to travel often find themselves gravitating toward an offshore investment in real estate. There are a variety of reasons that this can be a great idea. First, a lot of real estate in offshore destinations like Belize is very affordable, making it a savvy financial move.

In addition, it can provide immediate benefits for those who want to live in a beachfront condo during retirement or spend their winters in a beautiful international vacation home surrounded by friends and family.

Offshore Trusts

Many retirees have already prepared for their financial future but want to take steps to provide for their loved ones. For that reason, offshore trusts are a wonderful option that can become integral in the estate planning process. Placing assets into an offshore trust can immediately reduce your tax burden, which is a perk for retirees.

However, a more important benefit is the fact that you can designate what happens to the assets placed within the trust. You might allocate assets for the financial care of your spouse in the future or to pay for the college education of your grandchildren.

Retirees who are interested in taking advantage of offshore investing will find that these options represent some of the best opportunities for asset preservation and profit growth today as well as in the future.

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