Protect Your Wealth With The Right Services at Caye Bank

If you want to take steps to protect your wealth offshore, then consider investing in insurance, annuities, a new corporation, real estate or an offshore trust through Caye Bank.
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Business ManYou worked hard for your wealth, so you should take care when it comes to protecting and preserving your assets. For a variety of reasons, individuals from around the world opt to use the services of Caye International Bank for their wealth protection.

Whether you want to take advantage of Belize’s tax laws or you simply want to offer financial security to your children and grandchildren, use this guide to pick the right services for you.

Purchase International Real Estate

Many investors consider a solid way to protect wealth is to purchase international real estate. In Belize, for example, which offers plenty of affordable property, the market is forecast to rise as an increasing number of people from around the world realize the warmth, beauty and tourism appeal of the destination.

Buying property allows you to put your liquid assets into something tangible, and you can even go one step further by living in an international property or using it as a vacation or rental property. If you ever need liquidity, you can sell the real estate quickly. Experts at Caye Bank can help you understand the legal requirements of buying real estate in Belize and how to open a local bank account to make the purchase.

Place Assets in an Offshore Trust

An offshore trust can be a wonderful way to protect your assets from legal intervention or government review. Opening an offshore trust is a completely legal investment option, and it can also help you to reduce your taxes since the contents are technically not available for your immediate use.

Your trust can be managed by an expert of your choosing, and you can pick the terms of your trust, how assets are managed or invested and what beneficiaries you would like for the trust. Trusts can be an integral part of estate planning should you want to financially care for your loved ones and dependents today as well as in the future.

Establish an International Corporation

Another way to protect your wealth is to transfer some of your assets into a corporation of your own. Establishing an offshore business in a country like Belize offers a lot of perks including lower or even nonexistent taxes.

You may even be able to move over major retirement funds like your existing IRA and manage it through your new international corporation, saving money and management fees.

Invest in Insurance or Annuities

A great option for wealth protection through Caye Bank is to open up a life insurance policy or wrapper. You might also opt to establish an annuity. This can substantially reduce your taxable assets while setting you up for financial security in the future.

An offshore life insurance policy may also be a smart part of your estate planning, and it is a completely legal way to lessen your tax burden and maximize profit and value.

Insurance, annuities, international corporations, real estate and offshore trusts are just some of the ways that you can protect your wealth, and all are possible through Caye International Bank. Contact us today to learn more about the offshore banking services you need.




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