Why Choose International Banking in Belize?

Even if you've already decided that you want to invest or open up an account in Belize, picking the right bank can be tough. Be sure to pay attention to available services, currencies, communication policies and online banking opportunities when making your selection.

Financial Services Belize BanksFor those investors and account holders who are interested in banking overseas, there are a variety of different destinations around the world to choose from. For many reasons, Belize is often selected as one of the top spots to open up a bank account. Belize, as an offshore destination, offers benefits like anonymity and privacy as well as a lack of government intervention into private banking affairs.

In addition, the country has an affordable cost of living, which drives down bank and maintenance fees. Even if you’ve narrowed down a geographical location, you’ll have to pick a specific Belize bank for your needs. Here are some of the key perks to look for when picking the perfect bank in Belize.

Accounts in Your Preferred Currency

One of the most important questions to ask when choosing the right bank in Belize is what kind of currencies they deal with. The currency in Belize is the Belizean dollar, which is tied to the United States dollar at a rate of 2:1.

While this makes banking simple, particularly if you are used to American currency, many international banks in the country also offer competitive currencies like Euros, Pounds Sterling and Yen. If you have a currency preference, which might be a personal choice or part of your larger investment plan, be sure to pick a bank that offers it and will let you check balances in that currency rather than exchanging it. 

Communicative and Helpful Staff

Whether you plan to open up a checking account for regular use when traveling or a trust for your children in the future, you want to work with banking professionals who understand your needs and give you the attention you deserve. The best banks in Belize are those with staff who are able and willing to communicate with you through email, over the phone and in person. Thankfully, most banking staff in Belize can speak English fluently. If you only speak English, make sure that the bank you choose has staff on hand who can communicate with you effectively in your preferred language.

Online Banking Services

Another perk to look for when selecting a bank in Belize is online banking services. Whether you’re visiting Belize or live there, having access to online banking means that you can check balances, transfer money or check your investment portfolio right from your electronic devices. 

Services That You Require

Finally, make sure that the bank of your choice offers the services you need most. The requirements of a bank really do vary from person to person. You might need a loan in a particular currency, the option of using a credit card for foreign travel, a professional who can help you set up a trust or perhaps some guidance relating to real estate investment. Whatever you need, confirm that the bank can help.

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