The Benefits of Caye Bank's New Prepaid MasterCard

If you are already banking internationally, retired overseas or just a frequent international traveler, you may be able to take advantage of the benefits of a prepaid MasterCard from Caye Bank. Set for release later this year, this card can be advantageous for a number of reasons. Since MasterCard is accepted in more than 210 countries around the globe, it's an obvious choice for travelers. Because it is prepaid, it can help to minimize potential losses if lost or stolen overseas, it makes it easier to limit your own spending, and it can even be used to withdraw local currency from ATMs.

TravelerCaye Bank is releasing a prepaid MasterCard that can change the way you spend internationally. 

Caye Bank, one of the leading financial institutions in Belize, is set to release a prepaid MasterCard later this year. Combining the internationally accepted MasterCard brand with the advantages of a prepaid debit card from an international bank is a savvy move for travelers, retirees and anyone else who wants the security of a prepaid card.

Learn more about the advantages of holding a prepaid MasterCard from Caye Bank.

Limit Losses When Traveling

One of the biggest reasons to use a prepaid MasterCard like the one being offered by Caye Bank is because it can limit your potential losses when you are traveling overseas.

If you are planning an extensive vacation and will be in several different destinations, visiting multiple restaurants and perhaps even doing some shopping, there will be a few times each day that you’ll need to swipe your card for payment.

Instead of risking your credit and all the cash you have in your account, a prepaid card is capped at a certain limit. For this particular MasterCard, the maximum limit for loading is $10,000. The available balance is entirely up to you and what you think you might need when traveling.

Use It Wherever MasterCard is Accepted

MasterCard is the most-widely accepted card in the entire world. While competitors are accepted in up to 170 countries, MasterCard is used in more than 210 different countries.

Rather than having to use different cards in different countries, stick with the brand that is routinely preferred everywhere from Belize, to New York, to Japan.

Limit Your Spending

Another benefit of using a prepaid MasterCard is that you can create a self-imposed limit on your spending. If you are concerned that you might go a little crazy on the next trip to an international shopping mall or you just want to make budgeting a little easier for yourself, a prepaid card may be the best option.

Get Cash Out Automatically from ATMs

Not all credit and debit cards are universally accepted at ATMs, which can be problematic when you need to get cash overseas.

A prepaid MasterCard from Caye Bank, however, can be used in ATMs around the world to withdraw local currency in just seconds.

Get Help and Support 24/7

Since you’re dealing with Caye Bank and MasterCard, you know you’ll be treated with exceptional support and assistance when you need it. This includes online services, live operator assistance, support via email, easy requests for lost or damaged cards, and a quick self-activation. 

When Caye Bank releases their prepaid MasterCard later this year, be sure to start using yours. Greater security and convenience are just some of the perks that can give you greater financial freedom and peace of mind when at home or overseas.



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