Finding the Perfect International Investments

Although the benefits and advantages of international investments are abundant, knowing what type of investment to select can certainly be challenging. For those investors who want something with minimal risk but a lot of long-term potential, precious metals like gold or silver could be perfect. Retirees, on the other hand, may get the most practical use out of international real estate. If you want to diversify your holdings without the responsibility of monitoring the market, mutual funds are key. Finally, those who are primarily concerned with protecting assets to leave for their loved ones might gravitate towards international trusts or life insurance policies.

Gold Coins in StacksFor a variety of reasons, international and offshore investments are hot-ticket items for savvy investors from around the world. You may gravitate toward these international opportunities in order to diversify your portfolio, reduce your tax burden or simply branch out and enjoy new potential.

Whatever the reason behind your decision to pursue offshore or international investing, use this guide to help you pick the perfect international investments that meet your financial needs and requirements.

Low Risk and Long-term Potential: Precious Metals

As various currencies fluctuate in value and inflation is a growing concern in many countries around the world, a number of investors are turning to precious metals.

The appeal of precious metals is that they can retain their value regardless of one country’s currency, which makes it a more secure option in the long term. Precious metals can include things like gold bars or silver coins, but it can also include stocks or shares in gold on foreign markets.

Ideal for Retirees: International Real Estate

A popular investment option for retirees is international real estate. While real estate can be a savvy choice regardless of age, it is especially appealing among those who want a retirement home overseas or perhaps an international beach house where they can enjoy family vacations. The property itself may retain or grow in value over time and the owners can benefit from having a place to stay in a tropical location as well.

Low Risk and Minimal Maintenance: International Mutual Funds

An international mutual fund allows investors to spread their holdings and invest in a variety of companies, utilities and more at once. Even better, a mutual fund is run by a fund manager, which means that the individual investors don’t have to play an active role in selecting investments or worrying about the market. For those who want to diversify their holdings and take a backseat in the daily management, international mutual funds are often a fantastic choice.

Caring for Dependents: International Trusts or Life Insurance Policies

If your primary concern is setting aside assets for your loved ones and dependents to have access to in the future, then setting up either an international trust or an international life insurance policy is a great option. As a bonus, the various assets that you place in either a trust or a life insurance policy are typically not taxable, which saves you additional money in the long term.

There is no such thing as the perfect international investment. The right investment opportunity for you will depend on a variety of factors, as listed above. Click for more information on the top investment opportunities internationally. 




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