International Investment Funds Can Increase Security

Retirees may find international investment funds both profitable and useful. Investing in such a fund allows the investor to take advantage of a managed account. Meanwhile, since this type of fund is a mutual fund -- the risk associated with investing is spread out among a group. International investment funds are also worthwhile because they allow investors to take advantage of higher interest rates. This is particularly beneficial when investors choose to take advantage of such funds in countries like Belize, which boast interest rates up to 10 times higher than those in the United States and many western nations.
International Investment Fund ChartInvestors who are thinking about retirement may want to consider putting some of their savings in an international investment fund. Offshore banking presents a great deal of opportunity for investors. It can allow them to take advantage of different, and often higher, interest rates, provide them with more security, give them a chance to invest in developing economies and, sometimes, lead to a higher return on investment than they might be able to realize domestically.
International investment funds can be particularly attractive to investors because they can help spread risk across a group. They can also increase the diversity of an investor’s profile. Read more about the perks of overseas investment here.

Investing in Countries with Higher Interest Rates
Investing in banks in countries like Belize can allow investors to take advantage of higher interest rates, brought about by less government intervention and varying economic climates. In 2012, for instance, the real interest rate in Belize was 11.9 percent while the real interest rate in the United States was substantially lower at 1.5 percent. Find out more about the benefits of international investments here.

Investing Overseas Can Increase Security
While investing overseas has the reputation of being a risky business, banking overseas can also provide investors with greater safety and security. Many of the world’s economies have faced bankruptcy and political upheaval over the past few years. Many Greeks found themselves robbed of their savings after their government took money directly out of their accounts when the country defaulted on its debt. Greece received bailout money, but it paid back its European investors by taking money from its citizens without warning. If these Greeks had invested money in overseas banks and funds, they would have had a safety net.

Today, many countries are still struggling economically — even those whose economies are considered the strongest are facing challenges. In the United States, some analysts are warning of impending recessions. Investing in overseas funds can help reduce investors’ risk of losing everything, should the economy in the investors’ home country collapse. Read about other ways that offshore investments can increase your security here.

Contributing to a Growing Economy
One of the most appealing aspects of overseas investing is that investors can contribute to growing economies. Investors who choose to place their money in Belize funds often contribute, either directly or indirectly, to the development of its agricultural and industrial endeavors.

The recent discovery of oil in Belize has also contributed to the growth of the country’s economy. By investing in funds in Belize, investors become a part of its success.



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