Five Benefits of International Investing

Investing abroad is becoming more popular because of multinational company and organization development, information technology advancement, deregulation, international capital flow growth, foreign exchange control elimination and because of the privacy benefits. Belize is a developing nation with close proximity to the United States, and many individual and business investors can benefit from its various investment options. Accounting and finance expert Burhan F. Yavas, in his article "Benefits of International Portfolio Diversification," explains how broker companies like Charles Shwab recommend their customers expand their portfolios in foreign markets.

Investing InternationallyToday, many investment brokers are recommending international investing to their clients because of important changes in legislation. In his article “Benefits of International Portfolio Diversification,” Burhan F. Yavas, a professor of accounting and finance, explains how top U.S.-based broker companies are recommending that customers expand their portfolios in foreign markets. In places like Belize, investing is rising in popularity because of multinational company and organization development, information technology advancement, deregulation, international capital flow growth, foreign exchange control elimination and privacy.

Multinational Company and Organization Development

Many companies and investors are looking to Belize because of quality living and low costs. Because Belize is a developing nation, is in close proximity to the United States, maintains an English-speaking environment and offers monetary incentives to businesses that plan on improving Belize’s economic development by hiring its citizens, people are moving abroad to bask in the benefits. As they do in the United States, these people have access to corporate accounts, investments and loans at competitive rates. Some banks actually offer rates up to 50-percent higher than the United States.

Information Technology Advancement

Thanks to technology, individuals and businesses don’t necessarily have to move abroad to invest internationally. All they need are the right resources, paperwork and information, and within minutes, they can expand their investment portfolios, open demand deposit accounts, corporate accounts, and more through online banking or by telephone. Investors can track their investments online in the comfort of their home any time during the day.

The Benefit of Deregulation

Thanks to deregulation legislation, people can take advantage of a free market. They can expand their portfolios and diversify their investments, which will lead to higher rates of return. Learn more about how investors can take advantage of tax-efficient structuring of international trade, international investment funds, protection of personal wealth using trusts and more.

International Capital Flow Growth

Capital flow relates to the movement of money for investment, trade or business production purposes. Through this, individual investors can direct investment and savings capital into stocks, bonds, and/or mutual funds. One advantage of international investing is the wide range of investment products not available at home. Not only that, but you can invest in worldwide markets.

Foreign Exchange Control Elimination

Belize is a no-tax regime, which means there are less restrictions and no exchange control. You can deposit or withdraw your money as you see fit and with more privacy than what you would find in the United States. Some investors choose asset protection trusts for this reason. Click here to find out more.   

Privacy Is Important

Let’s face it; if you live in the United States, you know privacy is at the forefront of debate in today’s political climate. The government has access to everything, including finances. Again, because Belize is a no-tax regime, investors can rest assured knowing they will have the privacy and confidentiality that’s lacking in our world today.

Whether you are an individual or corporate investor, expanding your portfolio in an international market has never been easier. However, before you make an imperative decision to diversify your portfolio, make sure to research your options, speak with your financial representative, understand the risks and make the right choices for you.



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