Offshore Investment Is Easier Than You Might Think

The secrets of successful offshore investment are not just for big money "players" anymore. Everyday folks can keep their money safe by starting an offshore bank account, keep it growing with alternative investments like those in Belize's precious metals market, and pass it on safely for those who depend on them with an international variable universal life insurance plan. A player is as a player does -- and in this case, the smartest play is one that uses favorable tax laws, stable governments and currencies, and the experience of financial advisers and expats who have blazed this trail before him.

Offshore Investment Offshore investments are not just for international “players” anymore. Everyday people who want to protect and grow their wealth can now take advantage of the friendly economic policies of a Central American country such as Belize.

A customized portfolio can diversify investors’ holdings so that their assets can ride out any financial storm back home in the US.

Offshore Banking Gets You Started

There are many reasons to start your offshore strategy with a bank account in Belize. Some of these include the fact that the country’s currency is tied to the US dollar and is therefore considered very stable. That creates peace of mind for investors when they consider starting an offshore trust of any kind to shield their money from events such as the U.S. real estate crash. These sorts of offshore investments protect investors’ assets, while other kinds help those assets to grow.

Alternate Investments Move You Forward

For those investors who are looking at offshore investment in order to grow their wealth, they will find many vehicles in Belize suiting their goals: precious metals, venture capitalism, even hedge funds are prime areas for foreign investors to stake their claims on growth. Click here to read an article giving a rundown of some popular investment variations.

Variable Universal Life Insurance Keeps Assets Moving in the Right Direction

Life insurance has long been a tool for even the wealthiest people to protect their assets when it comes to handing down a legacy to surviving family members, and offshore international life insurance continues this advantage. In a country such as Belize, which, unlike the US, imposes no capital gains tax, investors can rest easy that future generations will get the money they’re entitled to without draconian taxes that can eat up an estate.

It is important for prospective American investors to understand the differences between the different options for international life insurance: “term” life, which is the basic life insurance that pays off in the case of the policyholder’s death within the specified term; “whole” life, which accrues extra cash value over the “whole life” of the policyholder; and “variable universal insurance,” which is the best option for investors, since it spreads the principal over a multitude of different vehicles and is designed to grow the cash value of the policy to a greater degree than whole life.

If You Want to, Call Yourself a “Player”

Investing offshore isn’t just for multimillionaire “players” anymore, but if you’re making your investments do the work for you and protect and grow your wealth, then maybe you are a player! No matter what you call yourself, making wise investment choices in a country like Belize, others will always call you a savvy investor.



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