Understanding the Benefits of International Investment

In recent years, the stigma associated with international banking and investing is long gone. Today, investors with varied amounts of money are taking advantage of international investment options in places like Belize, and they are enjoying the many benefits. International investors will appreciate the stability of international banks, the impressive international interest rates that add to the growth of wealth, the currency flexibility for frequent travelers and the significantly lower capital gains tax rates.

International InvestmentTo many investors around the world, the idea of international investments seems risky or illegal. However, those misconceptions are certainly wrong, and they are beginning to change as increasing numbers of legal investments are made across the globe.

Rather than sticking with the few investment options in your home country, you might want to think bigger and explore the opportunities in foreign destinations.

Banks, hedge funds, stocks, private real estate ownership and more all fall under the category of international investments, and each can have incredible benefits for big-scale and short-term investors alike. Here are just a few of the major perks of international investments.

Currency Flexibility For Frequent Travelers

Travelers who frequently spend time in a foreign country will want to open an international account in order to have more currency options. By investing in an international account, you can access your funds in the currency that you need, when you need it. This is ideal for business travelers, retirees living in international destinations or anyone who frequently travels to the same foreign location several times a year.

Lower Taxation Rates

Discussing the lower taxation rates for international investments can make some investors wary, but it is important to note that this is a completely legal financial move for people from around the world. By investing internationally, you typically won’t be subject to the same capital gains taxes as in the United States.

This is an obvious financial benefit, and it makes even small profits more valuable. The risk you take in an international investing deal is what gives you the right to enjoy the international bank’s lower tax rates. However, as will be discussed below, there is often less risk involved than people think.

Stability of International Banks

If you haven’t traveled extensively, you may believe that international banks and financial institutions are less stable than those in your home country. However, you might be surprised at just how stable many of them actually are.

In Belize, for example, banks hold a significant portion of their account balances liquid, which makes the money accessible whenever it needs to be. Amazingly, this gives them more stability than most banks in the United States, which are held to less-stringent financial and banking laws overall.

International Interest Rates

Since there are often perceived risks involved with investing internationally, most investments offer much higher returns. Offshore accounts, for example, may offer higher interest rates. Investments and hedge funds might see greater returns, and investors overall will typically see greater profits than if they had left their money in traditional domestic accounts back at home.

Gone are the days when international investments were viewed as illegal or unnecessarily risky. Today, it is clear that an international investment can be a smart financial move whether or not you have a significant amount of money to invest. Click here to learn more about your options in Belize.



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