Provide More for Your Loved Ones with Asset Protection Offshore

Offshore asset protection makes it much easier to protect the value of your assets over the long term. Nations like Belize incorporate a well-defined body of regulations that ensure you can invest offshore and enjoy tax mitigation without breaking any U.S. laws or incurring IRS penalties. In addition, these nations maintain strong diplomatic ties with the U.S., thereby strengthening their own economies and making them more favorable places to invest. One of the major benefits of investing offshore is that your assets can grow in a a far more diverse market environment that allows them to survive ups and downs without taking too much of a loss.
Asset ProtectionBuilding up your assets isn’t enough. Nest eggs without tough shells will break, and in most cases, there’s nothing as effective as asset protection offshore. Creditors, spendthrift inheritors and a whole host of other trials can reduce your savings, rendering them insufficient to provide for those you want to care for after you’re gone.

Legal Protection via International Laws

Since 1992, Belize has operated under progressive legislation modeled on Trusts Acts similar to those in the British Virgin Islands. Belize and other nations are extremely supportive of International Business Companies (IBCs), and they focus heavily on creating user-friendly laws and well-regulated asset insurance guidelines to attract foreign investment. Notable laws include offshore tax exemptions, clauses that maintain the private identities of principals and extremely flexible company structure regulations that make it easier to incorporate an IBC within a few working days.

Unlike some tax shelters, however, Belize maintains a good diplomatic relationship with the U.S., the U.K and other developed nations. This means that investors from these countries are able to maintain their favorable tax situations without running afoul of the laws on their native soil. The U.S. government and many major private corporate concerns have invested heavily in creating a stable Belizean economy that also turns out to be very favorable for individuals who just want to preserve their retirement wealth or support their surviving relatives.

Gaining Access to More Diverse Markets

Offshore asset protection also benefits from the fact that it allows domestic investors to do more with their money. In addition to buying into typical financial products like stocks and bonds, they can access foreign exchange pairs and make more direct IRA investments in real estate, versatile universal life insurance policies and structured stock options.

Even though offshore investors still have to follow the rules of their IRAs or other accounts in order to maintain their tax eligibility, working with foreign custodians and brokerage services allows them more flexibility solely by virtue of putting their portfolios into contact with a more diverse market. For the countless individuals who seek nothing more than to create portfolios that will stand the test of time and fluctuating U.S. markets, investing offshore is the ideal way to protect their assets.



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