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How Does FATCA Impact Your International Bank Account?

Caye International Bank BuildingThe Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, better known as FATCA, was created in 2010. It is a piece of legislation that impacts how American citizens are taxed, and it applies regardless of where you live or where you keep your assets.

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What Makes Banks in Belize Popular

Belize banks are growing increasingly popular thanks to potentially lower taxes, a wide range of banking services, lower banking fees, a currency pegged to the U.S. dollar and high reserve requirements.

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Diving Into the Appeal of International Lending

International lending is appealing because of the wide range of loan types, the ease of securing a loan, the potential for lower rates and a variety of available currency types.

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What International Banking Means for Your Future

International banking can help provide assets for loved ones, create a way to affordably and effortlessly travel in retirement, reduce taxes and create a financial safety net.

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Tips for Choosing Offshore Bank Accounts

When choosing offshore bank accounts, be sure to consider the location of the account, the types of bank accounts available, the availability of foreign currency accounts and access to online banking capabilities.

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How Difficult is it to Manage an Offshore Bank Account Online?

Through online banking, managing an offshore bank account online is a breeze whether you are traveling, you want to use specific devices to check on your accounts, you want to transfer money instantly or you just want an updated transaction history.

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The Appeal of Securing Financing in Latin America

Reasons for the popularity of securing financing in Latin America include better loan terms for borrowers, loans available in multiple currency types, potentially lower financing costs and easier options for loan qualification.

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5 Tips for Evaluating an Offshore Bank

When evaluating an offshore bank, be sure to look at the services offered, online banking capabilities, staff communication and credentials, reserve requirements and the bank’s location.

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5 Tips for Choosing The Right Offshore Bank

When choosing the right offshore bank, be sure to take into consideration customer service, the availability of financial services, any potential language barriers, online banking services and the bank’s location.

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How International Banking Can Upgrade Your Life

Improve your life with international banking and its benefits, which include the potential for increased wealth, lower financial expenses and fees, mitigated risk in retirement, greater financial diversity, online banking options and access to foreign currencies around the world.

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